Sunday, January 24, 2010

Episode 2 is FINALLY up!

Hey everyone! Go check out Team ZORM Episode 2, which is on abridging.

Awww, isn't this picture pretty? We love fanart!

Sadly, we weren't able to get MasakoX for this one, as planned. There was some scheduling troubles, and with regret, he suggested we trudge on ahead with out him. We did so sadly, but don't worry, the podcast was a good success!

So go have a listen, and enjoy!

Episode 3 is going to be on acting, particularly of the voice variety. Voice acting was touched upon here in episode 2, just to give you the raw basics. Episode 3 will be going much more in depth, so keep an eye out for it.

Also, MasakoX will be returning for the next episode. No date has been picked yet, but as soon as we know when, we'll be sure to let you know!

Be sure to email in any questions, whether they be directed to Masako or us.
Please put something in the title that signifies it's for episode 3 or Masako, and unless you wanna be anonymous, sign it, too! PS, stupid questions won't be read. And if they are, it'll be so we can make fun of you.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mukluk's Eulogy

NOTE: He survived. This was written as a just-in-case. And I, Raventail Blacktalon, the writer of this eulogy, apologize to him for writing this. But in the same turn this is the first eulogy I've ever written so to me, this was a milestone, as a writer. So I needed to save it somewhere. Here is nice. Yes, I like it here. But on with the eulogy for the man who didn't die yet.

"Alas, dear Mukluk, I knew him well.
"He was a good friend to us all. And we, Team ZORM, are writing/reading his eulogy. Because, really, who better to write this than the very ones that adored his angry screaming-at-video-games most?
"Watching - rather, listening to - him go was one of the hardest things we have ever witnessed. He sang the song beautifully, but alas, the magnificence of Journey kicked his ass. Or rather, his vocal chords.
"But we digress. We remember Mukluk for his love of all things that put up his gamerscore, and we will all miss how often he called everyone 'sir'.
He was a good man, a good friend, a good pod caster, and a ballsy singer. Seriously, man, Journey? At least he went out with a bang.
"We'll miss you, Mukluk, and we'll see ya on the flipped side."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Episode 2 *Update*

Alright the official date set for the Podcast recording is January 9. This day we will begin a small journey with a very special guest, Mr. MasakoX. The Co creator and Co star of Naruto the Abridged series and Voice of Goku as well as others for Team Four Star. He will be joining us for episodes 2 & 3.

As the last entry said it will be about abridging, so who better to join us than one of the very first abridgers. We will discuss what it takes to make an abridged series.

1. What is abridging? What got you into abridged work?

2. How do you create an abridged series?

a. writing

b. casting

c. editing

3. Acting will be touched upon, but left mainly for episode 3.

4. Popular abridgers

A. favorite moments in abridging

5. Shameless Plugs!

We are planning to have a great time so you should mail us so you can be in on the fun. Don't forget to check out our YouTube and podcast site
Team ZORM's YouTube
Main site for the podcast

And be sure to E-mail us at

For Masako look here
YouTube: MasakoXtreme
TFS Site:
Twitter: MasakoX
The Anime counterpoint: The Anime Counterpoint

Also be sure to check out our new upcoming One Piece Abridged series Team Nakama's YouTube(Coming Soon)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Team ZORM Episode 2: Abridging

Alright well since the first podcast is down and in our delicious pockets made of chocolate and gumdrops, we have decided to continue with our non-existant popularity and make episode 2.


Episode 2 of Team ZORM Podcast: Abridging!

We will discuss abridging.

This podcast will pertain to...

1. What is abridging?

2. How do you create an abridged series?

a. writing

b. casting

c. editing

3. Acting will be touched upon, but left mainly for episode 3.

4. Popular abridgers

5. Shameless Plugs!

So tune in and enjoy our podcasting were we will create more fun words and make fun of everyone we love.

Remember look for us on youtube and the VAA as well as anywhere else.

Remember to e-mail us about the podcast and your favorite abridgers and series, at

And until then, I'm on fire!

Soon to be on iTunes!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

TeamZORM Podcast ep. 1 *Done*

The Very first TeamZORM Podcast is officially recorded and will soon be online.

The Podcast is available at

Our next topic will be up soon.

Please comment and watch it all with use.